Anne Kativo – One possible certainty

18/04/2016 by Maurizio
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Un’altra possibile collaboratrice d questa volta dal Kenya, appassionata di moda

Born and raised in a small village at the Eastern Province of Kenya.

 What inspired you?

I like to look good and smart. This makes me feel more secure and confident. I am a bit shy person, so dressing well makes me feel more confident about myself.

 When did your interest in fashion begin?

It’s actually hard to tell exactly when, since I barely remember my childhood memories. But I can say it began after my college in 2010. While in college, my friends would tell me that I should become a model since I had the body and used to dress well. So after college I went ahead and registered with a modelling agency, which didn’t go so well. I however managed to get a few jobs as a sales representative. Later, I decided to quit and focus on other things.

 What is your favorite clothing?

I dress according to how I feel. I do not have a favorite type of clothing, but I do prefer clothes that enhance my body type and are comfortable.  

 What are your dreams?

I am more passionate about caring for and helping people as well as the fashion industry. I would like to have a children’s organization for the needy in the future. From here I would be happier to help the kids realize their dreams and talents as early as possible, seeing as I did not get that chance.

 Who inspires you?

Tyra Banks inspires me. I love the work she does a lot in helping young people achieve their dreams in fashion and design.  

What are your hobbies?

I like to watch movies, especially TV series. I watch and read about fashion, ride bicycles, and travel (though I have not traveled a lot, but that’s in my bucket list). I hope to find an opportunity to work in the fashion industry. Meanwhile I will be collaborating with your site.

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