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14/08/2012 by Maurizio
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Presentiamo una nuova lettrice che ci scrive dal Canada, appassionata di cinema e di moda. In futuro potrebbe tenere una rubrica in inglese sul cinema legato alla moda.

Where were you born?

Pinawa Manitoba Canada

When did you being your relationship with fashion?

My relationship with fashion started when I was young. I like classic old black and white movies so it inspired me to go back in time with clothing.

What was the first movie you watched that made you interested in fashion?

The first movie I watched regarding fashion would be Funny Face with Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire.  I loved Audrey’s sense of fashion.

What are your favorite types of fashion clothing?

I like bright colours and clothes that have a retro inspired look. I like the look of the ingénue roles of actresses in the 1940s like Lauren Becall, Gene Tierney and Veronica Lake.  I can be very diverse in my choices of clothing from casual to evening wear.  I love swimwear although I don’t go to the beach as often as I would like to.  I began to love fashion as young as eight years old watching the old movies on television that were in Technicolor.

Who are your favorite actors and actresses past and present?

My favourite actor and actress in the past are John Garfield and Barbara Stanwyck.  Living actors and actresses I would say Al Pacino and Kate Beckinsale.

Regarding your dream work?

I am passionate about the massage industry completed one year of school and have one more year to complete.  I will always have a love of the fashion industry close and dear to my heart.

Who would you consider an inspiration to you?  
Sophia Loren is an incredibly sexy woman to this day and a dynamic actress.  She has a great sense of fashion someone who inspires me as well.  She was born in poverty and illegitimacy.  She became one of the most beloved sex symbols of our time.  She has passionate acting and a zest for living.  She has true beauty something I want to continue to have instead of the old addage “Looks Fade”.  To have no limits in age, ethnicity or temperament.

Ultimociak ringrazia la nostra lettrice  e coglie l’occasione di salutare tutti coloro che ci seguono dall’estero.



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